Funeral Ending In Burial - Metal Casket Included - $4995 Funeral Ending In Cremation - Ceremonial Casket Included - $3595 Cremation with Memorial Service - $2195 - Service Is Always Ahead Of Sales Simple Cremation From $1195 - Other Firms Will Never Exceed Our Service, Just Our Price Family Owned & Operated - The Only Selected Independent Funeral Home In The Area (By Invitation Only)

Heritage Funeral & Cremation Service

When you select Heritage Funeral & Cremation Service,
you’ll benefit from these advantages:

-$4995 Funeral Ending In Burial with Metal Casket Included-.

-A Comforting Chapel-
Seating up to 70 for those desiring a
Memorial Service or Traditional Funeral.

-A Private Crematory-
This ensures your loved one is properly cared for and stays under our care unlike some firms where your loved one may be "boxed-up" then shipped to another city to be cremated without your knowledge.

Let Heritage Funeral & Cremation Service's caring staff of professionals serve you
with a range of services, including a wide variety of cremation services,
traditional funerals, burials, and even simple viewings.